Azure: Standard SSD Disks

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Recently Microsoft announced that they are launching Standard SSD Disks for Azure MV. The main purpose of this is to replace standard HDD disks for those VM that are executing low level workloads.

We will continue having Standard HDD disks, since Standard SSD disks are in preview, so is probably that will be only available for some particular regions. The main point of this announcement is that Standard SSD disks are here to replace HDD disks, if we compare Standard SSD disks against HDD, we can get:

  • Smoother levels of performance
  • Lower latency

So, nowadays we have the following classification for SSD disks:

  • Standard SSD: For workloads where you do not need high IOPS.
  • Premium SSD: Higher IOPS and throughput than Standard disks, and offer a 99.5 percent SLA for single virtual machine services

Also we have to take into account that Standard SSD disks are a bit cheaper than HDD: Price


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