Office 365: FAQs sobre Flow y PowerApps (I)!

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Great post about FAQS of Microsoft Flow and PowerApps

Pasión por la tecnología...

A medida que más clientes y partners de Microsoft se plantean el uso de PowerApps y Microsoft Flow, más y más cuestiones están surgiendo en torno a las capacidades de ambos servicios, planes de precios, etc. Afortunadamente Microsoft está haciendo muchos esfuerzos para resolver estas dudas y como prueba en este post os quiero compartir las FAQs que Chris McNulty ha compartido en la Microsoft Tech Community:

Q. What does Microsoft’s commitment to PowerApps and Microsoft Flow mean for historic business solutions on SharePoint, like InfoPath?

A. As we announced at Ignite, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow are tools for business users to build business applications and automation in SharePoint today and tomorrow. They are the successors to InfoPath and SharePoint Designer for many common business scenarios, especially custom forms used on SharePoint lists.

Q. Will Microsoft still support InfoPath and SharePoint Designer?

A. As we announced earlier in 2016

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